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Let us first explain to you the difference between a 'DIAL-UP ACCOUNT' and a 'HOSTING ACCOUNT'

An ISP for a DIAL-UP Account, will give you access to the Internet, and access to e-mail and, depending on the package you bought, some providers include anywhere from 1 - 10 Mb of 'storage space' for a website. However, most of these URLs will look like:

If you prefer to have your URL look like:, then you must get a Registered Domain Name (DNS) PLUS you must pay an additional amount every month for the privilige of getting it 'hosted' i.e. the ISP server configured to your DNS.
The costs to host your DNS website, is IN ADDITION to the cost of your dial-up account.

Total Design Creations has made arrangements with one of the largest Hosting Server ISPs, to provide Hosting Services to our customers for their website at very competitive rates. Your URL may be:, as long as you have a DNS.

If you don't, we can arrange for Registration of a new DNS at no extra charge.

If you don't want a DNS, and you don't like what your ISP is giving you, you could get a local URL: ID/ .The only constraint is that the name 'your ID' must be available.

We have exceptionally good deals on COMMERCIAL SITES for SMALL BUSINESSES.

All our packages include e-mail addresses and accept FrontPage and Cold Fusion, FTP access, cgi-bin, Perl5,USP power back-up, daily tape back-ups, unlimited hits.

Please note that taxes are extra, e.g. Canadians pay GST.


Starter pages, usually are placed on the Dial-up account
with URL:
Our sister company can design the page for you to put there, in preparation for your own personal web site.

See: Your Own Web Design.


If your ISP does not have a hosting server or charges extra for this service or you don't like the ID, we can put it on our site as:

or if you have a Domain Name (DNS) as:


With your Domain Name (DNS) as:

As your business grows, you can upgrade this site to the next level at any time.


5 MB with URL:
plus a secure page for credit card payment

As your business grows, you can upgrade this site to the next level at any time.


plus a secure page for Credit card payment
plus a shopping cart on a secure server with max 50 products


Databases with more products, by quotation only, since the needs can vary considerably.

For Large Businesses, we can design your logo, we can make references to other documents, product descriptions, various services, addresses, agents, use FRAMES, etc. Naturally, all of these features add to the cost and usually run from a few hundred dollars up, as there is usually a lot of complex editing required. The more is available in 'soft copy' the less it will cost you.

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